(on a busy sidewalk)

a busy city sidewalk
elbow to elbow
on every face is
pressure mounting
higher, higher

streets full of cars
jostling for position
under each red light
this caravan of busy
reaching out of sight
noisy cacophony of 
impatient horns

But yet, into
This man-made
Mess of madness
A sense of peace,
True Destiny,
Walks with us
Side by side
On each busy street
& sidewalk

Unseen, but not
He walks 
In His royal robe
Searching, looking
Passing by
Among us
Longing to touch
Each heart
Desiring to give
Reveal, impart
A better life
Temporarily out of
But sensed

In that small breeze
That touches 
Your skin
Ruffles the edges
Of your heart
Look up 
New life begins
At the edge of
The old

As your King
Walks past
In the crowd
Let him win
Without any doubt
Without a sound
Or shout
He will give to you
More than a busy
Sidewalk’s chaos
Let him come, refresh
As only Christ can do
& give to you 
A better life anew!

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