Don’t just waste my time
And yours
Please I adjure
I desperately need the truth
For of my life 
That will be its root 

Rebuke my sin
How else will I 
Be allowed to win
I need sound advice
From you pastors
Of today

I don’t want for you
To entertain me
Make me happy
I need to learn how
To be holy
For clearly
That is the only way
That I may be saved
From hell

You have been given 
The world’s greatest opportunity
You’ve been given the
Chance to help others see
The living Christ
Before they die
Without a second chance to try
And follow Him

For after death 
There are no more second chances
So tell us the whole truth
Of Christ
Before we die
Don’t water it down
Sugar coat it
For I seek a golden crown
Only He can give!

Upside Down or Right Side Up!

Upside Down or Right Side Up?

A world in chaos
Lacking a clear direction
Things, ideas, get tossed aside
Each day, let go
Doesn’t this show
A world in confusion
Upside down?

Where Up is Down
& Down is Up
Restless words 
Tossed about on 
Distressed waves 
Of anxious noise
Peace on some days
Seems almost unheard

But someone stands
On everyone’s heart
Longing to be allowed to impart
His Peace-filled Spirit 

Bring about a new day
Create within us a new way
To live
Trying Himself to give
To His world a new direction
Turn it Right Side Up
Where Up is truly Up
& Down is truly Down

So do not be afraid
To go against the grain
Of a lost, bewildered world
And for yourself & others gain
A better sense of how to live
Where confusion does not reign
Under this, His One Holy Name,
Christ Jesus!

Demons Fright

Demon’s Fright
(Your Light)

With four demons around
My throat
You came in and satan’s
Hold You broke,
Lord Jesus

At Your name the darkness
With Your Name they fled
You solved the matter,
Lord God

They ran, disappeared in
In terror
Knowing their end is near
Lost their power,
Praise You, Lord Jesus

So no longer do we need
To fear
satans’s evil power
with You so near,
King Jesus

So, thru my faith & loyalty
To you
Once again, your love
You will prove
When You, Most Gracious King,
With Your voice You will ring
In a new heaven, completely new earth
Leaving all of us reborn
An eternal, bodily new birth!
Praise You, Lord Yahweh!!!

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Your New Beginning

Your New Beginning

On a cross
At the time of
Heaven’s greatest loss
Hung the world’s creator
As His own creation 
Destroyed His physical life
All heaven held its
Breath & waited
Watched as hell & satan’s
Power fell, was abated

Telling one so new to faith,
Today, you will be with 
Me in paradise!
Angels watching wept
His earthly mother cries
With ‘It is finished’ for
His last few words
His spirit left, hurled
Only an empty body curled,
Crushed from the pain
By human eyes still seen
Hanging on that wooden beam

But it was not His end
All death was spurned
New life for us He earned
With a resurrection so fresh
God’s answer to his death
For us ended with a YES
Thru our faithful lives,
As it was for His,
Your death will be your winning 
Of His newborn Paradise
Your total, complete & new beginning!

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Only You

Only You

Only you can lift 
Out of the deepest, slimiest
Pit of despair
The broken human soul
Crushed, shattered,
Reeling, staggering
From the effects
The price, the toll
That wretched darkness extracts

Oh, he is good, that
Enemy of mine
Hounding me thru
All of my time
But you sit enthroned
Ensconced in your power
And your name
Destroying his sordid game

That prince of the air
That satan
Breathing his hot breath
In my face
From birth even unto today
But you remove 
Of his evil every trace

Winning me to yourself
My pain you do embrace
My spirit you lift up 
Until I can say
With joy you have filled my cup!

So come, Lord Jesus,
Do it again
As you did back then!!

Wait Patiently!

Wait Patiently

It will come
That Holy Son
Will return
So today of all days
do not spurn
His loving kindness

Even as we wait
He holds open
Golden gates
To life, joy peace
They will of course
For later keep
But should we not seek
Them even now?

We are meant 
& are being sent
From heaven’s royal thrones
To gather all those dry bones
Back to life

Awake, arise church, awake!
For all our sakes
Go forward
Lead this land
Back toward 
Those nail-scarred hands
His paradise awaits
For this is the truest of all fates!!

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