One Star

One Star

One Star
Glistening amidst
A dark ocean awash
In navy blue
It was a night truly
With pure holiness imbued

Dare I speak of such
A precious light, 
This blazing star
Known by and followed
By three wisest men
From afar

To find a ruler foretold
In their sacred writings of old
So, in their wisdom 
They left behind everything
For just one glance
Of His Majesty, a newborn King!

To dirty, dusty Bethlehem
They went on that darkest night
And in a manger’s stall
They heard his first cries, bawls
Saw a mother reach to comfort
A tiny infant’s tears
Whose small hand would grow
Be nailed to a cross 
To banish all men’s fears
Of sin & death forever

Their privilege was to
Witness a royal birth
Of these two lights, 
One above,
The other,
Eternity’s Love
Flung down to save all
On God’s good earth!!

Love is a Someone

Love is a Someone

Not some ethereal
Idea floating
In darkest space
Or only a condition
Or nirvana, a state
You will achieve
If your life with
You decide to lace

Love is a 
This Holy, Glorious
Yaweh GOD
Known, written of
Taught, spoken of
From of old
Of Him it is said
Very often told,
HE is LOVE!!!

All Love,
Good things 
Flow down from
The Father of the
Heavenly lights
His Holy might
Holds this universe
& us

Without Him
There would be
No Love
Without Him 
Heaven would be just
Another empty space
Maybe like earth 
It would even taste!

So, look above
He waits to be found
He wants you to
Know this love
He is pouring down
Around us all
You just have to 
Heed the call
Open your heart 
A new life to win
Let your re-creation begin!!




Very long ago
On a righteous throne
King Hezekiah
Of Judah reigned
He gave all his praise
To the one true God
And to only His Name

But from the northeast
Like a ravening beast
Came an evil king,
Sennacherib of Assyria
Was his name
For death & destruction
Great was his fame

In faith, King Hezekiah
Prayed to the one true
Lord of all
Received an answer to
His most earnest call
Thru Isaiah the prophet
God said,
“He will not enter this city
Or shoot an arrow here
He will not come before it 
With shield. . .”

Later that night
In the darkest of lights
God’s angel
With a powerful roar
Was sent to destroy
Warriors all, 
Strong & tall
Died that night
By God’s hand

Jerusalem was saved
Not one soul inside her walls
Was sent to an early grave
God will do the same
For you, for us
We just need to have 
Faith & learn to trust
His ways

Read, learn to look
Inside that most
Glorious book,
Scriptures to help you
Your enemies defeat
& at your feet 
No matter what they are
Doubt, fear, persecution
He will destroy
Down they will all lay
& in your time, your day
185,000 warriors
For you, God will slay!

Angel On Your Knees

Angel on Your Knees

Angel, angel
On your knees
Are you always 
And ever seeking
To Please?

From your start,
So close to His heart
This God of ours
Fills up the hours
Of our lives

With Himself
Joy surpassing
Ever glowing
Always showing
Perfection’s glory
On display

And so on this day
We both will stay
In our worship
Of His radiance
Reaching down
To give each
Of even the least
A special glance
Of Himself,
Eternity on display!!!


(on a busy sidewalk)

a busy city sidewalk
elbow to elbow
on every face is
pressure mounting
higher, higher

streets full of cars
jostling for position
under each red light
this caravan of busy
reaching out of sight
noisy cacophony of 
impatient horns

But yet, into
This man-made
Mess of madness
A sense of peace,
True Destiny,
Walks with us
Side by side
On each busy street
& sidewalk

Unseen, but not
He walks 
In His royal robe
Searching, looking
Passing by
Among us
Longing to touch
Each heart
Desiring to give
Reveal, impart
A better life
Temporarily out of
But sensed

In that small breeze
That touches 
Your skin
Ruffles the edges
Of your heart
Look up 
New life begins
At the edge of
The old

As your King
Walks past
In the crowd
Let him win
Without any doubt
Without a sound
Or shout
He will give to you
More than a busy
Sidewalk’s chaos
Let him come, refresh
As only Christ can do
& give to you 
A better life anew!

Troubled Soul

 Troubled Soul
 Troubled Soul,
 Troubled Soul,
 Do not sit 
 In the darkness’s glow
 It’s angry face
 Leaves only the sting
 And disgrace
 Of rejection
 Sitting in a brackish cell
 Formed by cruelty 
 Coming only from hell
 Troubled Soul
 Hear these words
 For your pain there
 Is a certain cure
 Above this darkened
 Black air
 Over your bowed head
 And tangled hair
 A small light glows
 Comes from Heaven
 To let you know
 There is a someone
 Who knows your name
 Wishes to discharge your pain
 Christ loves your heart
 Which has sat in the dark
 For too long
 So raise your head
 Listen to every word 
 Being said
 Inside your spirit
 He will implant His own
 There His truest Love
 & Graces
 Will forever be sown!