Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!

Wake up, wake up
Oh, Land so graced
Our hands should
Be raised
Higher, higher
Each waking day
to praise

God’s name
In the middle of
All struggles & pain
Greatly blessed more 
Than the rest
In your past you
Have withstood
Intense trials & tests
Yet today
You are falling

Failing the most
Important struggle
Of all
You no longer listen
To the call
Of your God
Weak leaders talk only
of prosperity & God’s love
yet somehow forget to say
He’s also our judge

as we worship mostly
our increased wealth
satan again is using
his deceitful stealth
to blind our eyes
our hearts, our minds
to believe his greatest lie,
he & sin no longer exist!

So wake up, wake up
Oh, church
Again, I raise a cry
Look toward heaven
Let’s raise our hands
As we all breathe a sigh
For renewal
Plead for revival
Here in this land
Of physical wealth
It will be our only 
Hope for our survival!! 

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