Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!

Wake up, wake up
Oh, Land so graced
Our hands should
Be raised
Higher, higher
Each waking day
to praise

God’s name
In the middle of
All struggles & pain
Greatly blessed more 
Than the rest
In your past you
Have withstood
Intense trials & tests
Yet today
You are falling

Failing the most
Important struggle
Of all
You no longer listen
To the call
Of your God
Weak leaders talk only
of prosperity & God’s love
yet somehow forget to say
He’s also our judge

as we worship mostly
our increased wealth
satan again is using
his deceitful stealth
to blind our eyes
our hearts, our minds
to believe his greatest lie,
he & sin no longer exist!

So wake up, wake up
Oh, church
Again, I raise a cry
Look toward heaven
Let’s raise our hands
As we all breathe a sigh
For renewal
Plead for revival
Here in this land
Of physical wealth
It will be our only 
Hope for our survival!! 

Do Not Continue

Do Not Continue

Do not continue to lie
And give only half-truths
To me,
Pastor of today
You are supposed to be
God’s wisdom-filled sage
Do not continue to say
I may live as I please
Lusting after all the things
I only can touch & see

Even with all your degrees,
You should be on your knees
Leading the way
To a better day
Do not let, allow
The evil one to win
Lead us away from all 
This world’s increasing sin
Another voice is screaming
More loudly every day
Telling me you’re
Leading the wrong way!

Stand up! 
Be God’s man
Lead this country, our land
The way it’s supposed to go
His Son you MUST SHOW
If salvation will come
Before it’s too late
& many will be left knocking,
crying outside forever
The glory of God’s heavenly gates! 

Set Apart

Photo by Patricia McCarty on Pexels.com
Photo by Ashley Fontana on Pexels.com
Photo by Laura Stanley on Pexels.com
 Set Apart
 We were meant
 To be set apart
 I believe this
 Deeply in my heart
 Different we
 Should strive
 to be
 So all the world 
 May see
 Our Leader
 His purity
 To this we 
Should run
 As we struggle 
 To shun
 The world
 Sure, we have 
 To live in it
 Love it for sure
 We are not to
 Be of it
 We’re meant
 To live
 In a way much 
 More pure
 Not as greedy,
 Sexually immoral,
 These things
 We should
 Not be 
 His holy love
 More giving
 The world
 In Us 
 Should see
 A Holy Bride
 He longs for us
to be
 As we wait on
 Bended knees
 Longing to please
 Only Him
 Let us win
 This race
 As we let go
 Of every trace
 Of ourselves
 Let us dare
 To be different
 Stand out
 Give a holy shout
 Christ’s Name
 It is the same
 Yesterday, Today
 For His return will
 All death, pain,
 & every sorrow


 Divisions, divisions
 In a Sea
 Of Faces
 Never meant
 To be
 We were
 Meant to be
 All one
 The One,
 Father, Spirit
 Holy Son
 Joined together
 In the perfect dance
 In one glance
 You can see
 This world’s
 Ultimate Unity!
 So, it does 
 Not make sense
 For God’s family
 To be so divided
 For this there 
 Stands no defense
 A church, family
 divided only
 Hurts itself
 Taking away
 Not adding
 Leaving all
 of the
 Love, Joy
 the Peace
 Steals the 
 Meant for us
 So, Holy Family
 God’s one true
 Tear down the 
 Those horrible
 Never meant 
 To be
 And we will 
 See. . . 

Ephesians 4:3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

1 Corinthians 1:12-13 What I mean is this: One of you says, I follow Paul; another, I follow Apollos; another, I follow Cephas; still another, I follow Christ. Is Christ divided?

First True Renaissance (Recreation)

 First True Renaissance
 After a dark period
 It is told in books
 There was a Renaissance,
 a Recreation,
 Of culture, societies
 Even of Religion
 But I will argue
 It had already occurred
 At an earlier date
 before those books’ words
 Told of it.  On a cross 
 in a small back country,
 An explosion 
 Unseen but felt
 After one 
 insignificant carpenter
 Was crucified 
 Because he testified
 To a new way of life
 Born in blood, 
 sweat & tears
 Why? satan has no peer
 For evil destruction
 His desperation 
 Was showing
 A new world,
 New way of living
 Was ushered in
 For all who would choose
 Their life to lose
 Inside of His
 Built upon a 
 Foundation of the old
 Refined, purified
 Like the rarest of golds
 For the sake of man
 He took our hand
 And led us to 
 His cross
 Meant for all
 Not just a few
 A new earth order
 If you choose
 Of faith, belief
 So on that Day
 And in that way
 His new earth kingdom 
 Change has 
 Time for it 
 To spread
 To all places
 For the good
 Of all faces
 Death defeated
 satan exposed
 for the liar he is
 time for the world
 to know
 it can change,
 Christ says so! 
 Do not have to wait
 For a distant heaven
 New kingdom life
 Is now for the taking
 Now is the time
 for the slaking
 Of our undiminished
 Need for God
 For every man,
 Woman, child
 To take us out of our wild
 Unruly state he found in us
 Return to us His paradise for all
 Please I beg of you,
 do not refuse
 His holy, righteous call!