Not Okay

Not Okay

War is not okay
Rape is not okay
Child abuse is not okay
Poverty is not okay
Neither is the extreme greed
That seems to fuel & feed
The wealthier countries
The world is not now okay,
God never meant for it
To ever be this way!!

As we close our eyes
Stare vacantly toward the sky
& ignore the surrounding 
Abnormal pain
Have we become so 
Senseless, brain dead
We accept this world as normal?
Or shouldn’t we instead
Be a part of its re-creation?

We were never meant
ourselves to tear & rend
Into many small pieces
We were meant to 
Live as God’s friend
In His perfected paradise
In love with HIM  
& each other

Instead we choose
Against HIM to rebel
Oh, how I wish this
Evil inside ourselves
We could banish, quell!
We have lived like this
For so long
I am not sure we can 
Any longer even see
what is wrong

But there is hope
For on a happier day
For those who have
Chosen to follow CHRIST'S way
God’s power & might
Will triumph, have sway
Once again the world
Will be perfected
All pain will disappear!!

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