I Cannot Save You

I cannot Save You

Sitting on a throne
Royal blood decided
And even though angels chided
His mind would not be changed

I will go do this
Their eternal bliss
Hangs in the balance
For this they will
Have utterly no talent
I myself will save them!

So do not look to me
I too must stay on bended knee
For my own salvation to receive
On a pedestal do not place a human
I do not wish to draw you toward me.

My, man’s blood, is tainted
And although a human head
May be called sainted
Still man’s blood is impure
For none will escape that tragic allure
Sin still holds for all of us

It took the blood of the purest of all
To cleanse our darkest sins
You must follow His voice & His alone
If You truly desire to win
This battle most ferocious 
we all currently struggle in, 
For Only Christ’s Holy
But bloodied, clean waters
Can remove the blackened stains
Of our, (man’s), horrific sins!

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