Only 1/3 or 1/2

Only 1/3 or 1/2
(one-third or one-half?)

When in cooking 
Is not used a whole ingredient
End products most likely
Become only incomplete
Never of your original intent 

It will look or taste bad
Or fall apart
You will have failed
Before you even start

God’s intention was
For us to give our whole self
Our Whole Heart
So to us His full, total, complete
Beauty, Glory He could impart!

To experience joy unlike
Any other
In love we would all be
Able to live 
As sisters & brothers

But if you hold back
Do not give your full self
That slice, piece to God you refuse
You are only giving satan a foothold
That fragment he will be
most certainly to use!

And you will miss
The incredible, unending gift
God wants to give 
Does not want you to live
Empty, guessing

So, unless you give one-hundred percent
You cannot receive the full blessing 
You will lose the completeness  
That which you were meant to possess
Of His Eternal, Forever Gift
Of that, any part do you want to lose?

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