A Puzzle

A Puzzle
(I do not understand)

It is a puzzle
I confess I do not understand
Why such a great &
Beautiful land
Would leave its heritage

As in Jeremiah
Before God destroyed
His people
‘Has a nation ever changed
Its gods?
(Yet they are not gods at all)
But my people have exchanged
Their Glorious God
For worthless idols’ Jeremiah 2:11
of expensive cars
large houses
endless hours of
pleasure seeking

and worst of all
When the decrees of
The Lord
Are sweeter than honey?
By them we will 
Be judged
Bear me no grudge
For these my words
But they are true

So I pray for a turning
From all these
Worthless idols
Of only clay
To the One True Lord
In whom is stored
Kept, prepared
For His true believers
Above endlessly blue skies
His unending Paradise!!

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