Early Morning Dance

Here is a repeat of an earlier post I did. Sometimes God can come so close to let you know He really does exist. Some people might believe in His actual existence or any supernatural experiences with Him, but He is real and has been enough to let me experience His closeness when He decides it’s best. Have a blessed day?

Early this morning, God gave me another impression, or vision, no matter what word you want to use for it. He has been so kind to me. I think possibly because of how devastating my childhood felt. He has the kindest heart in all of creation and existence.

I was already awake. I have just come off of five years of cancer treatments in which I have had to have several major surgeries. My surgical site is still a little sore, and this wakes me up at night sometimes. I was awake, and I could hear the tune to a waltz running through my mind. God gave me the impression of dancing with Him in a small ballroom. There were a few other people there. We were dancing on the dance floor. I was dressed in a long, but simple white dress. My hair which is naturally dark was more of a blonde color and held back in one long braid. He just kept dancing me around the room. The room was edged by columns and full of light. I could feel this deep sense of peace, wholeness completeness. It was wonderful!

I woke up with still the same deep sense of peace. I do not know why people do not want to believe that somewhere in the universe is someone that wants to love them that deeply and completely. Why would you not want to believe in a beautiful, wonderful loving Heavenly Father? That has always mystified me.

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The Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Once there was a TV show
With the title of
It was only make-believe, fantasy
Sadly today it is for many
Their reality

Just look around
In every, village home & town
They are everywhere
It does not take a very
Long or difficult stare
To find them

For them God’s heart aches
You might say it even breaks
So if we are to do, fulfill
His most passionate 
& good,& holy will
To them we must go

He does not want them
To live as in that show
Always lost and seeking
God desires greatly to be Found
To put everyone back standing
Upright on His Most Holy Ground

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Driving In Cars Going Nowhere

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by Mohamed Almari on Pexels.com
Driving in Cars Going Nowhere

People everywhere
Driving in cars going
Racing, rushing, 
Careening, screaming
‘Get out of my way
I have a very busy day
Going nowhere’.

Sure, we have duties
Other people to take care of
Obligations done out of love
But the rest, well. . .
Sometimes just a mess
Going nowhere

Not always in cars
Sometimes in planes
Or a lonely solitary train
Have we lost the will
To just be still
Instead of always
Going nowhere?

Do we forget we each
Come to the same place
At the foot of death’s gate
With no choices left 
Must we end life with
Only regrets
From always seeking 
The nowhere?

We end up at the foot
Of God’s throne
Coming from childhood
Or when we’re grown
To be given either His light
Or a forever darkest night
Must we always roam
Toward that nowhere
So just STOP
Learn how to choose
So a much better eternity’s home
You do not have to lose!

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Of any kind
Is not pleasant
Or fun
But it is the only way
To run
Toward Christ
Arms held open
To lovingly catch your

For He knows
Your greatest foe
Knows the tactics 
satan will expose
Every heartbeat uses
In his war against heaven
It is man, us he abuses
To break God’s heart

Suffering will come
As you try to follow
God’s Only Son
From a world
Being led
Being fed
By satan’s lies
So, you must come
To expect the 

Suffered in the extreme
To pull us out of the
Darkest of streams
To be faithful, loyal to Him
We must be willing to brave
The suffering
If unwilling we are
To endure any pain
For the Glory of His Name
We do not truly love Him

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In This Struggle

In This Struggle

Life comes at us
So much to do
This struggle to survive

And so out I cry
And there you are
Right in my face
Of peace, tranquility
The purest taste

So again & again
My hands I raise
For help
And there ceaselessly
Are You
The I AM
Of all I AM’S

So as I struggle
Even in this foreign land
I am not alone
Even when life turns
To the coldest of stones
God ALWAYS loves,
Cares, is willing to share
Desiring to be known
Even though we may be prone
To run away.

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The I Am

The I Am

Eternity’s All-Consuming, 
Roaring Fire
Radiant Glory
Truest Beauty on display
From one glance
My heart breaks
I weep

Created to carry 
Your Image
I became corrupted

But that was not
The end of the story
You decided
Sacrificed your throne
A crown

Without a sound
Laid down
I raised my hand
And struck
Your love absorbed
My cruelty’s darkness
Killed yourself
To stop my pain

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