FREE EBOOK #2 IN Series April 1-3 only



On a frigid winter’s night, a young girl’s scream for help echoes uselessly in the icy silence residing between the tombstones of a large city cemetery. Her lifeless body is left for the police to retrieve and her parents to mourn over. Nashville again is full of violent threats from an ancient organization lusting after the only two things that will satisfy its international network of members – greed and power.

After the murder of another young girl, Detective Hayden Douglan again seeks the help of Pastor Samual Thomas, now a close friend, to find the monsters roaming freely within the city’s limits who seem to take delight in the death of children. Coming to the conclusion it has to be more than one person gripping the city’s parents in a paralyzing network of fear, Douglan cannot ignore the words whispering constantly at the back of his mind – the Brothers.

Will any human power be strong enough to stop the onslaught of the dark veil hanging over the cityscape or will it once again take the power of God Himself to tip the balance of the scales back toward the light of normalcy as a powerful enemy uses everything in its influence to gain the revenge it seeks for its previous losses?

Have a blessed day & Praise God!

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