I Love A Blank Page

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I love a blank page

I love a blank page
Nice way to start my day
As words fill the head
An incentive to leave my bed

Perfectly pure white
A welcoming sight
Black marks fill to the end
Hoping I may to you send
A better day of Blessings & Joy!

Night’s Dreams

 Night’s Dreams
 I’ve got to go to bed
 I’ve got to go to bed
 In the darkness
 I know I’m clearer
 It feels the best time 
 I can get into my head,
 Dreams cannot come
 into the busy dayness
 of a hurried world
 This night time’s
 Darkness is when
 You chose to drop
 Your wisest pearls
 And so I write
 In this middle of the night
 (I do not know why)
 Seems to bring forth,
 Out of dark obscurity
 Your heaven’s brightest lights
 Exhausted I fall back
 I am so very tired
 Yet feeling grateful
 To dream,
 Have my soul
 Thus inspired
 Beneath your loving hand! 

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Is it Not?



Is it Not?

Is it not
To be read
A writer writes
Formed words
From thoughts
Within one’ head
Or heart

Others may read
Writers, I, must
Take great care
Walking in line
With you, Lord
Of this I have to
Stay aware

But still there
Is a joy
To express
This God may
But be careful.
In this can be
Great power

From a Spirit
So Ancient & Holy
Every moment
In His Heart
His Creation
Loving us
Completely & purely.

Writing about Writing

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Writing is always a struggle for me and I guess for everyone to some extent. I started writing back in my mid-40’s during a very dark time in my life. It seemed to enhance my life in general. I was working to help support the family then started having health problems so I never attempted to get anything published.

Buy boy, some twenty years later, has the publishing world seemed to change. I had to retire because of cancer so I picked the writing back up recently. Now there are several large publishing companies that have seemed to swallow up all the smaller ones that used to be around, and you cannot get your foot in the door without an agent. It used to be there were more smaller companies that would look at your work without an agent.

Today agents seem to only want people who are already known, successful writers or a big celebrity of some type(entertainer, athlete or speaker). Plus, the real art form that it used to be for people like William Faulkner, Virginia Wolf or Scott Fitzgerald seems to have dwindled down. Money seems to be the motivation behind all of it. I realize it is a business, and businesses have to make money to stay in business, but it seems different. There are still some people out there trying to stay creative and artistic with it. Today self and indie publishing are around for us who are small unknowns in the writing world.

Oh, well that’s my complaining for today. I still love to write, and this blog has been fun. May God bless your day and week!!