Cars Go Creeping

 Cars are Creeping
 Cars are creeping
 & no one is leaping
 On those icy streets
 Parking lots are dotted
 As with deicing salt they are besotted
 & stores are hoping
 their customers to keep
 In my part of the world
 Unused we are to this much ice
 So even as much as they try
 Still we must moan & cry
 We need more Salt!
 So every thing comes to a halt
 As we slip & slide
 Inexperienced with 
 this much Snow & Ice
 Wave as we go coasting thru
 (my car with a mind of its own
 Is now imbued)
 Unable to halt at all 
 At each or any little red stop sign! 

Where I live we are not used to ice and snow hardly at all so almost everything comes to a halt with only a small amount of snow. This time, however, we got a large amount of ice (just glad the electrics did not go out). Hope everyone is having a good day and Praise God for His love, mercy & joy!

Water’s Crystals

Water Crystals

Crystals of light
flung everywhere
by a force of nature
not quiet so rare
yet still not within
my feeble grasp

Dancing merrily
before my face
Oh, to have such
purely joyful grace
to be able to fly
with such abandonment

I laugh as I watch your
joy-filled dance
And as I turn to leave
unable to avoid a 
second glance
you fall to return
to the liquid foam
where you now may rest
within your watery home

I could not resist taking the videos of an early morning bike ride on our greenway which goes right by a river. It was cold, but the sun was out, and it was so nice how the bright sun reflected off the river. I enjoy listening to the sound of the rushing water. Have a blessed day!

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Only a little snow

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

These snow covered trees reminded me of dancers. Have a good day!

 Distorted Dancers
 Distorted dancers 
 In the air
 Seeming not to know
 Or care
 How you fling your
 Limbs out everywhere
 Upward into the greyest
 Of Airs
 Or down to earth where
 I stand & stare
 I admire your courage
 But I do not think
 Without at least one blink
 I could such graceful dexterity
 I would have to surely stop
 & groan
 As I attempted about to 
 My limbs as you do
 So I will just stand
 And admire
 As your limbs reach upward
 As lofty spires 
 Toward Heaven’s most
 exalted spaces
 And our mutual Father’s 
 Loving graces.

As I was walking the greenway this morning, it was cold and snowing, but I caught some mallard ducks enjoying the icy water. I love the sound of the water falling over the rocks so I just thought I would try my hand at a short video. Please excuse the slight hand wobbles. Have a great day!