New Youtube Channel – Book Trailer

Above is a new book trailer I created for my debut novel, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS. It plays on YouTube and its link is Click on the link to enjoy it on youtube. Have a blessed day & Praise God!!

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 Dead Wood
 You see them lying
 On creek beds
 Where by watery vistas
 They have been led
 Or resting on river sides
 Carried by the ferocity
 Of the moving currents’ tides
 These pieces of dead wood
 Would anyone have thought
 They could or better yet should
 End up in such a useless heap
 Their limbs jangling,
 Lamenting in such a lonely keep

But Oh, dear friend
This is not their end
For these shed no tears
Have no fear
Christ's smallest finger
Can transcend
Hell's darkest pit
In such a place He will not
Allow anyone to linger
Have faith
If you will just believe
and God's tranquil waters
You will be allowed to see!

Water’s Crystals

Water Crystals

Crystals of light
flung everywhere
by a force of nature
not quiet so rare
yet still not within
my feeble grasp

Dancing merrily
before my face
Oh, to have such
purely joyful grace
to be able to fly
with such abandonment

I laugh as I watch your
joy-filled dance
And as I turn to leave
unable to avoid a 
second glance
you fall to return
to the liquid foam
where you now may rest
within your watery home

I could not resist taking the videos of an early morning bike ride on our greenway which goes right by a river. It was cold, but the sun was out, and it was so nice how the bright sun reflected off the river. I enjoy listening to the sound of the rushing water. Have a blessed day!

Read for FREE the first two chapters of my debut novel, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS, at It’s on Amazon in paperback and ebook, FREE on Kindle Unlimited