Clear Waters

It is getting into the drier part of the summer so the water in the river is down lower than usual, still just as pretty just more shallow. Here’s a poem and have a blessed day!

Clear Waters

Clear waters flow
Revealing for all to know
What lies beneath their surface
Every swimming creature, pebble 
Even every hard stone
To everyone is shown
Thru its moving, reflective face

Christ’s heart is the same
To us, He longs, desires
To reveal His Royal Name
His innermost being
But we must be willing
To accept the truth
Waiting to be seen

So take the time to look
Inside His written book
Those scriptures that reveal
His heart, about us how
He truly feels
Beneath the surface
of His Living Waters
Flows the glory of your own life!

Water Songs

I shot some video footage of along the river beside our greenway system just after it had rained. The water was moving faster, and you could hear it better. I enjoy listening to the sounds of the waters. Have a blessed day!

Water Songs

Above life’s waters
Is your light
That ruach, breath, of you
Attempting to make
The one out of our two

Above the moving waters
Of life you go
Whether they move, flow
Fast or tediously slow

Trying to help me grow
Closer, more in your image
Multiplying your likeness
I try to follow as you bless

You follow the waters
Whether deep and dark
Or crystalline clear
Revealing our depths
In a reality so stark

So, I try to reach up
And fiercely cling
To the peace and 
Serenity you always bring
To the living waters of my soul
No matter the deep, dark 
Complexities of all their flows!

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