White lipped martyr
Led, fed by fire of
the Spirit
Chains, dark breath of
At your hands and feet

Satan howls, enslaving
The weak, deluded,
Hot grasp of hell
Around their throats
Calling for your demise,
He dances
Within his dark delight

Until a light breaks
Between grey clouds
Rumblings begin to
Shake the earth
Beneath unseeing feet
Still the cries rise
To champion your death

You raise your eyes
Skin as ashen as the clouds
A warm wind catches, lifts
Damp curls off a cheek
This breeze whispers,
Carries a voice, your name,
Speaks of heaven’s promises

A flame is struck
Wood ignites, flames
Move upward
Voracious tongues of
Pain, heat
Yet, unseen below,
Glory reaches down

Hope releases, disappears
Into a new reality
Within the hot smoke
Of hate
Bliss is born and
On fresh, living wings of ecstasy!

No matter what you face on this earth, God will go through it with you. We just have to trust, have faith that He is there. This is not our permanent home. We are only temporarily here. In 1st Peter, Peter says we are to live as foreigners here. God loves you and wants you in enjoy His presence in Paradise forever. Praise God!!


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