To Receive


To Receive
(receive and ye shall be received)
Empty vessels,
Clean on the inside
Receive in better ways
Than ones who wish
old debris, clutter
to still fill & stay

In order to get
You must be willing
To take, accept
what is offered
Allowing the filling.

Emptying out the old
You will empower
Fresh, cleanness
To refill the inner
Chambers of your soul.

This is true of Everything
As best you can
Rid yourself of the old
In order to receive
Your newer song to sing.

Satan deludes,
The world cajoles
Still the same old
Siren song is sold
within its empty
markets of darkness.

Employ, Enjoy
New ways,
To get rid of
That still
Try to sway
Take You away
From His light

God waits to give
But you must
Be willing to accept
In order His more
Perfect Abundant life to live.

Needing nothing
From or of us
He waits in
Purest perfection
For us to trust.

So while it is Today,
do not turn your back
on God’s desiring,
to make up for all
this world still lacks.

Allow Him in
Clean out the old
Let go, believe
So your New Story,
A clean New Song,
may be raised & told.

God desires for us to think as the Apostle Paul said in Gallatins 6:15 ‘the world has been crucified to me and I to the world’. God desires for you to let go of the old self and become a new creation, a brother and/or sister to Jesus Himself.

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