Hidden Garden


A Hidden Garden

(Within a hidden garden)

Inside a busy cityscape

Lies an open gate

To a hidden gem

Where mysteries lurk,

Water’s secrets float and swim


A serene lake’s surface

Offers repose

For water’s nymphs

To, chat, relax

& often dip their toes


Unseen by most

But yet they are near

Try to catch a glance

As sunbeams flash

Upon a wing so clear


A fairy queen sits enthroned

Upon a flowered trumpet

As her minions below

Twitter, laugh and dance

At water’s edge within its misted glow


At the end of the path

Too soon it feels

I must leave such

An enchanted place

As I reluctantly turn

Toward reality’s beckoning gate


Forlornly, I sigh

Not wishing to say goodbye

Yet, this I know

Within my mind’s eye

I will always hold

The joy of the hidden path

Thus, anytime down this

Winding shady lane

I shall often choose to go.







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