Low Country

Low Country


Wet and swampy

Unfit for much

Except life

Suited to live

Among the muck

It does not matter

How rich, how high

You think you live

I tell you no lie

Earth as it is now

Is that low country,

Our lowlands

This level of existence

We now pass thru

This lower level of life

This body even with resistance

Still crumples and dies

A chasm we cannot cross

Except thru death

Separates us temporarily

From the highlands

In a clearer air there

Will we breathe

God’s higher land

calls our name

Do not turn a deaf ear

Until you can no longer hear

Its gracious call

His promises will sound

as always, Faithful

Never run us aground

Reach for the higher path

And walk in that

purer, more noble land

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