Jeremiah, Jeremiah

With your prophet’s heart on fire

In our city’s streets

You’re crying

Hands raised

Pleading as you’re


You are trying to inspire

With the Spirit’s holy flame

Dark, hardened hearts

The Post-modernist’s only

Claim to fame

Return to me, I’ll

Return to you

our God says

Elohim, Creator

Holding out hands

Your eternal Father

Crystal tears He sheds

As we toss & turn on beds

Deep in sweaty pain

Caused by sin, illicit gain

Greed’s ugliest names

Only ourselves to blame

Worshipping things

That we have made

With restless hands

We reach for our graves

Affirming our own verdict

A terrible day is coming

Oh, there will be a mighty burning

Heaven, earth

Gone with a thunderous roar

Souls with anguish will be torn

Knowing their last chance

Forever is no more

In life their hearts they



refused their pardon

To follow a loving Father’s

Path for life

Chose their own way

Depravity’s lusts

Into His hands

They would not trust

Their only souls

So now the bell does toll

The old world’s ways

Are forever sold

Into oblivion’s

Darkest pit

So, please listen,

As the prophet calls

Heed the warnings clearly told

In a Holy Book of old

Save yourself


Someone else!!

3 thoughts on “Jeremiah

  1. В наше время, когда повсюду свирепствует короновирус у моих родных имеется одно пространство, где возможно освежиться. Это Ваш собственный сайт


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