The Box

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 The Box
 A box
 A square
 Four walls
 A floor and
 A roof
 Very confining
 It is
 Meant to be so
 To hold things in
 Not let them grow
 Or expand or
 Be who they are
 A purpose like this
 Like being set
 On a shelf
 In a jar
 Open your mind
 Do not confine
 About life,
 To that shelf
 Do the same with
 Let Him expand
 In your life
 Be Himself
 Who He says He is
 I will be who I will be
 He says
 More powerful than
 Any we will ever see
 Let go 
 And grow
 Your idea of Him
 Creator of a vast
 Lover of our souls
 Will love you better,
 (For eternity)
 Than anyone you know!
 So let go and
 Let Him be who 
 He will be
 Grow, become
 He’s at your side
 Let him show you
 How to walk, stride,
 Your spirit Fly 
 Into His world!! 

4 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Решительно нет практически ничего славнее, чем повечеру, придя на дом, заварить чашечку крепкого кофе и перелистать несколько публикаций с сего веб-сайта.


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