Alpha & Omega

 The Alpha and the Omega

 The Alpha 
 The Omega
 The beginning
 And the end
 To my ears
 It does lend
 A beautiful sound,
 A Melody
 It sang among 
 The stars
 Tinkled around
 The sun’s face
 Following the
 Road of grace
 It raced
 Upward, higher 
 Climbing the Stairway
 To Paradise, 
 that Ecstasy, Bliss
 it is to receive from 
 His lips
 one word, one kiss
 of His Perfection
 So it was
 Before all space 
 And time began
 As we relate it
 Before any
 Water, air or land
 Out of three great hearts
 Was formed a
 Great and mighty plan
 Falling from the hands
 Of three,
 Father, Son, Spirit
 To create another
 With whom to share 
 The love, peace
 Kindness goodness
 Flowing around
 Their joy-filled dance
 So, with only
 One single glance
 They fulfilled the plan
 And created their man
 To live below
 On a shining green world
 Within the sun’s glow
 And their eyes’ love
 Joining in the wonder
 Of their existence
 It is the same today
 As from our first day
 On this our home,
 A shining ball,
 Always there was 
 A beginning and 
 There will be an end
 To what is now seen
 We will return to 
 The original plan,
 Our purpose,
 And live in glory
 Within their eyes’ gleam

Revelation 21:6-8 He said to me: It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars — they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

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Not Even in A Blender


 Not Even in A Blender
 Blades whir,
 Solids dissolve
 Large chunks puree
 Into a goo
 Blenders good
 For many things
 In our kitchens
 They do bring
 From many foods 
 Convergence into one
 Unfortunately, in life
 Things are not always so
 Some things cannot,
 Should not mix
 For the welfare of our souls
 The dark and the light
 Will never mix
 Nothing that a blender 
 was ever meant to fix
 Never meant to be
 As oil is to water
 Separate from the
 God’s light will
 Not ever allow
 satan’s dark to stop
 His shining!
 So do not fear
 Shed not too many tears
 There is the one that
 Took our place
 Opened Heaven’s
 Pearly gates
 Christ paved the way
 Saved all our days
 From the whirling,
 swirling blades,
 that chaos of the darkness.

Orange Tresses

KODAK Digital Still Camera
 Orange Tresses
 Orange tresses in the air
 I cannot help but
 Stop and stare
 God’s pure glory on
 Lightens my load
 And brightens my day! 

I couldn’t help but take this photo of our neighbor’s beautiful maple tree. We still have a few trees full of colored leaves. Praise God for the beauty He creates!

God Defeats Your Enemies — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub Although you may have felt unimportant and insignificant, God has not forgotten you! He gives victory to the weak. The only requirement is believing, totally trusting and relying on him, with all your heart (mind, will and emotions) and in all your ways. Surrender yourself, into God’s care and know that he […]

God Defeats Your Enemies — Pure Glory


 Let Go!
 Let go of 
 Who culture
 Says you should be
 There is a better
 Way to know,
 To see
 Do not restrict,
 Within the same 
 Old line
 Of a world without
 A mind
 His Spirit 
 Wishes to indwell
 The form, heart
 Of your physical shell
 Live and Be
 God’s Holy Temple! 

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The Box

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

 The Box
 A box
 A square
 Four walls
 A floor and
 A roof
 Very confining
 It is
 Meant to be so
 To hold things in
 Not let them grow
 Or expand or
 Be who they are
 A purpose like this
 Like being set
 On a shelf
 In a jar
 Open your mind
 Do not confine
 About life,
 To that shelf
 Do the same with
 Let Him expand
 In your life
 Be Himself
 Who He says He is
 I will be who I will be
 He says
 More powerful than
 Any we will ever see
 Let go 
 And grow
 Your idea of Him
 Creator of a vast
 Lover of our souls
 Will love you better,
 (For eternity)
 Than anyone you know!
 So let go and
 Let Him be who 
 He will be
 Grow, become
 He’s at your side
 Let him show you
 How to walk, stride,
 Your spirit Fly 
 Into His world!! 



Naturalism they call it

Morality relative only to

what I think

but Wait –

that changes

each time I blink

A world so cold

Post modernism has told

Us, We, Man, no longer

Have a Soul!

All that exists

Is only what you can see

or touch

All to me is only physicality

So should I run the risk

Of losing all meaning

To all life I see which surrounds

Are We truly simply dust

Made up only of elements

Found within the ground?

There is no right or wrong

Found within nihilism’s siren song

Only a birth & a death

For each of us

Then we will no longer swim

In this life’s stream

We simply cease to be.

How depressing!

I am glad I do not believe

What I am told

By your world

I believe a holiness, a soul

Dwells within

As most ancient civilizations


We are seeds

Of a Holy God much greater!

Angel Dance

Angel Dance

Angel Dance

Angels dance lightly

On gossamer’s chords

Spun from joy’s beauty

As beams of your grace

Are flung brightly

You watch in delight

As your glory, light

Pulsate, glow

Within the energy

Of your eternal might

Longing to embrace

A world laying waste

Homes, families

The world they walk on

Listening to dark demons’ songs

So, as your angels dance

At your feet

I too give a longing glance

To pray for my world

To keep,

Follow the light of God’s face

To return to the warmth

Of His everlasting embrace.