Me on a Cross

 Me on A Cross?
 I see a lifeless form
 On a wooden beam
 It groans
 Mouthing a bloody foam
 Another useless dream
 Or message to be seen?
 Maybe both
 Dream and message
 It raises its head
 Showing sweat &
 Tears it has shed
 Staring into the sky
 It carries the face of I!
 It is me,
 Me on that cross
 I am where we all
 Surely would be
 If not for the other face
 That took my place,
 Jesus of Nazareth! 
 Sinner, rebel, 
 Against a one true
 God & Father
 I deserved that cross
 Perhaps in celestial eyes
 Only another piece 
 of human dross.
 In pain,
 As I cursed His name
 Jesus, son of God
 Tore my flesh from
 The nails
 Put himself there
 To complete Heaven’s
 Most loving job
 Christ took my place
 That place which belongs
 To each & all
 Wicked rebellors
 Against our Father
 Now we sing a new song
 Of Christ’s love
 God’s forgiveness,
 From a worn-out
 Worldly kingdom
 Captives to sin
 Set free by his death
 Breathed upon by a fresh breath
 Of life’s new resurrection!

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