What is this sense of loss
Of a deep sadness,
Then I raise my head
To look at You
& You smile!
And my heart is even 
More beguiled
And enticed
To follow You

But I am stuck
On the other side of 
An uncrossable chasm
For I know on my own
I cannot 
Even begin to start
To conquer its deep gorges
A dark fog envelops 
My mind & heart

Then someone touches
Down with a hand
It is Your Son of Man
His blood paved the way
Because I was oh so lost
Until He reached across
So on this dark side
I need never stay
Alone, rejected digressing
From your eternal blessings

Christ is that bridge
That eternal ridge
Of hope & joy
For everyone to cross
Over into God’s love
You do not have to sit in
The darkness of eternal loss
But you must take that first step 
Reach for the outstretched hand
Of the undying Son of Man!

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Standing at insanity
On the edge of a cliff
What is the cost,
Purpose of this life?

Look down upon this world
Full of pain, chaos, strife
Surely, never were our lives
Meant to taste like this

Our home,
Giant, round, glistening
In deepest, blackness of
Empty space
Listen to the winds of
This universe
As they pass us by
Singing out a name
Let there be no waste
Of its melody

Listen, then give it 
A voice, shout
If you have to
This Power
This Being
The stars, winds sing of
Holds out two hands

In one, life
In the other, death
There is no dearth
Of ones that choose
To live in darkness
Upon the face
Of this earth

So, listen, be obedient
Means to pay attention to
Stand out from the crowd
Don’t be afraid to say
His name
If need be, say it out loud

He is coming back
This living, breathing Christ 
Gives us a choice
So, listen, do not fear
He is always, always close, near
And to Him 
You are the most dear
Of all His wonderful creation!

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Consumer-ism here
Consumer-ism there
Consumer-ism everywhere
It travels by land,
Travels by sea,
Flies through the air!

Consume it preaches
Consume it teaches
With long taloned 
Fingers it reaches
To hold, enfold
Everyone, us all 
Until the last remnant 
Finally is sold

Taught by all advertisers
Those oh so clever despisers
Of thrift, economy
The idea that you do not
Have to own each 
& every thing you see!

And so this culture rolls on
Grinding out the same old song
We continue to follow, 
Dance to their mesmerizing 
But false, lying tunes,

That large volumes of things
Bring us true joy
Only more and more toys
Will satisfy
But still life hurts, disappoints
And we softly cry
Knowing somewhere inside
Something is wrong

What if,
Instead of all the preaching
Of material wealth
(it is a form of belief)
We as a people began to teach
Not to be good consumers
Of mere physical things
But let our voices ring, sing
good sellers, tellers of
Jesus of Nazareth

The Living Christ
I will say it twice, even thrice
God is the center of your being
Only in HIM is life, true seeing
Of love, joy, deepest peace
It is of HIM we should happily teach
And only, only of HIM consume!!

Me on a Cross

 Me on A Cross?
 I see a lifeless form
 On a wooden beam
 It groans
 Mouthing a bloody foam
 Another useless dream
 Or message to be seen?
 Maybe both
 Dream and message
 It raises its head
 Showing sweat &
 Tears it has shed
 Staring into the sky
 It carries the face of I!
 It is me,
 Me on that cross
 I am where we all
 Surely would be
 If not for the other face
 That took my place,
 Jesus of Nazareth! 
 Sinner, rebel, 
 Against a one true
 God & Father
 I deserved that cross
 Perhaps in celestial eyes
 Only another piece 
 of human dross.
 In pain,
 As I cursed His name
 Jesus, son of God
 Tore my flesh from
 The nails
 Put himself there
 To complete Heaven’s
 Most loving job
 Christ took my place
 That place which belongs
 To each & all
 Wicked rebellors
 Against our Father
 Now we sing a new song
 Of Christ’s love
 God’s forgiveness,
 From a worn-out
 Worldly kingdom
 Captives to sin
 Set free by his death
 Breathed upon by a fresh breath
 Of life’s new resurrection!

Passion but not in Black and White


Jesus loves us so profoundly, deeply and passionately that he left a place so wonderful we can’t even begin to imagine its beauty, and He did it solely for us. He allowed himself to be tortured to death overnight and into the next day for our sakes. He was beaten almost to death, flogged and then spiked to a piece of wood. He loves us totally and completely. The poem below I wrote about the depth of His love for us. Hope you enjoy and may God bless your day. Praise God!!

In Black and White

Small minds reduce
our Lord’s Glory
to mere words on a page.

Life is not lived in
Black and White!

All life contains
A struggle.
Sad, happy,
Pain, Joy,
Misery and Glory.

Our Lord knew this
And for this
He died.

But not in
Black and White!

A New Dawn


Here is a repeat of a blog I wrote in October of 2018. I will never forget this experience and hope that it helps your faith in some way. Praise God!!

For years now, I guess about 7 or 8, I have been wanting to talk about something that happened to me one night. I have only told family members about it since I’m not very good at standing up and talking in front of people. I guess I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me.

I have sleep apnea. I don’t know if you know what that is, but that is where when you lay down on your back to sleep the muscles that hold up your soft palette at the back of your throat relax so much that the palette itself collapses downward and blocks your airway. In other words, you stop breathing. It is dangerous and can kill you. I did consult a doctor about this. I do not think I could sleep with one of the breathing machines they use so I sleep with the head of my bed raised. As long as my head is raised and I’m on my sides I am okay.

However, one night before I realized what was going on with me, I went to sleep one night and somehow must have gotten off my side and into a position that was not safe. I woke up suddenly and was in a different place.

I remember feeling a slight tinge of fear but was mostly confused, thinking where am I?? All around me was nothing but deep blackness until suddenly I could see this spiral of beautiful, puffy white clouds spiraling off into the distance. I did not want to look at the far distant end of the spiral because I had this sudden knowledge that if I looked at it, there would be no going back. Somehow I just knew that. Don’t know how, but I just did. However, I was not given a choice. I had to look at the end of the spiral, and so I did.

Next, let me say that I had no physical sensation at all. I was fully awake, fully conscious, but there were no physical sensations. I had no awareness of a body. To get back to where I was, as soon as I looked at the end of the spiral of clouds, I was in the other place, but this one was different!

This beautiful, beautiful, light was everywhere. It glistened and shone like nothing I have ever seen, but the light was alive. There was an intelligence or presence inside the light. Like nothing I have ever experienced.

It was so bright it almost hurt to look at it and the colors of the rainbow were moving through it constantly. It was so bright that I turned to look away, but again, I was not given a choice. I had to look at the light so I did.

When I turned to look at it again, suddenly it felt like somebody had taken me and thrown me as hard as they could up against a brick wall. There was this really hard boom, and I was back inside my body. Totally awake but back inside of my body going “What just happened to me.”

I laid there for a few minutes, thinking about what I had just seen and experienced. I moved around a little trying to get my bearings back and then decided the only thing it could have been was for a few minutes or less, because it happened so quickly, so very quickly, is I think I died!! It is the only explanation I can think of.

I believe for a very few brief seconds, I was allowed to see some of the glory of the Living God. The light was beautiful beyond words. I wish everyone could have seen it. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The only reason I wanted to tell this is I hope it will reassure everyone that there really is life after death, and that God is more beautiful than any of my weak human words could ever express. I pray that the living God Himself will bless your day and your whole life and that you can get to know Him better. He really does love you very, very much. God Bless You.