The Pocket of Your Heart


 Pocket in Your Heart
 Place me in a pocket
 In your heart
 Where I was meant to be
 From the very start
 Though fear, shame
 Made me feel 
 I did not belong
 satan’s lie in that
 you’ve shown
 The great chambers
 And their walls
 Within the center of 
 Your being
 Pulsate with the call
 Return to me
 & I will return to you
 Your Spirit cries
 Cannot deny 
 The love throbbing
 Within your voice
 The greatest love
 Man will ever know
 Swirling, twirling
 thru dark ethers
 of a universe
 Ends at earth
 Within a holy glow 
 We were created 
 To live close
 So close
 To dance within the
 Vapors of God's breath
 Never meant for us
 To be apart
 Or ever face a death
 But until that death
 Or your return
 I will willingly bend
 my knee and 
 just wait
 No more your love to spurn! 

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