Just Pretend

Photo by Alem Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com

 Just Pretend
 Close your eyes
 & just pretend
 Pretend there is 
 No death
 No Physical end
 To life as it is
 No purpose 
 For anything
 All is just about
 What you can see
 & touch for now
 No hope
 If you can believe
 Then your enemy
 Has accomplished
 His goal
 to cover your eyes
 with his deceit
 he can even persuade
 You to believe
 Or feel that even he
 Does not exist
 There is no great evil
 In this world
 We are okay
 As we are
 If this had been
 The truth
 There would have
 Been no use 
 Or need
 For a man to die
 On a cross
 Heaven sent
 Puts a different bent
 On our ages old story
 To believe in a glory
 Temporarily unseen
 By human eyes
 Someday will rip
 Open the skies
 Return in full power
 Unknown may be 
 The day or hour
 But Christ’s words
 Promise it clearly
 & for sure!

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