Death comes to all
 Separation of our spirit
 From the flesh
 Instituted by our fall
 From His grace
 Turned out of a 
 And away from 
 His face
 However, God
 Still desires
 Into His kingdom
 To come
 His planet
 Even now awash in 
 His love
 But there will 
 Be a day
 Christ did say
 When He returns
 To light the way
 To His 
 New Earth
 A separation
 Will occur
 The Sheep,
 Those he will keep
 In His love 
 But with a Holy shout
 The goats
 Will be thrown out
 Into the darkness
 Where satan awaits
 Between the fiery gates
 It is your choice
 To either praise, worship
 & rejoice
 In your
 Creator/Father/ God
 Do it now,
 While among the living
 do the giving,
 do not be 
 caught unaware
 do not miss
 your share
 of His Paradise
 Choose to go the
 Right way
 In this you do have
 The final say
 Do not reject
 Your God
 He never rejects
 Any feeble start
 Do not harden
 Your heart

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