Swallowed by the Sun

 Swallowed by the Sun
 The Sun
 That Fiery burning orb
 Of our earth he is the lord
 For surely, all life here below
 without its heated glow
 Would die
 Be dark
 Encrusted by the cold
 Death for every plant,
 Would soon ensue
 Even for me & you
 For sure 
 It is a paradox
 Yet, Swallowed by the sun
 No one could survive
 Burnt to a crisp
 I most assuredly would die
 However. . . ,
 There is another sun
 More glorious than you
 To be swallowed 
 By this SON
 Only brings us to
 Love, joy 
 Beyond my poor
 To see
 So swallow me Lord Jesus
 Engulf me in your glory
 It is my same old story.
 For You, 
 My pain-filled heart bleeds
 Only Your precious warmth
 Brings the life I truly need
 Inside your burning light
 I am allowed to see
 So I fall to my knees
 Beg, implore
 Swallow me Lord
 Let me live, breathe, exist
 Your Glistening, 
 Golden Glory!!

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