Startle Me

 Startle Me
 Startle me,
 Wake me,
 On a shelf 
 I’ve been
 Too long
 Now seems
 The perfect time 
 For a newer song
 So . . . 
 Wake me
 Shake me
 Do it again
 King Jesus
 As you did it then
 On those dusty streets
 Of old Jerusalem
 Flow thru us
 Live through us
 Your power shining,
 As to your world
 Your beauty
 You’re showing
 So, come
 Lord Jesus
 Legions of angels
 Behind you
 To tromp,
 On this
 Shallow dirt,
 This clay
 Quake the earth
 As you did before
 Awaken your church
 Let it arise
 At your bidding
 As this dark war
 Assuredly you will
 Be winning
 Let us not be afraid
 To get our hands dirty
 Comfort, convenience
 Never wins the day
 So do it,
 King Jesus
 Do it Again
 Awaken once
 more our spirits
 to call us your
 Steadfast Soldiers
 & Friends!

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