The Water Fountain

 Water Fountain
 For all the broken-hearted,
 The oppressed, rejected,
 The unloved,
 There is a fountain
 Eternally forever above
 Shining with light
 So bright
 This overwhelming Love
 From the heart of God
 Roaring, flooding
 From His Heart’s Spring
 It’s rushing
 To cleanse, protect
 Unto the effects
 Of a fallen world
 Upon our lives,
 Our souls
 May His love bind
 My heart to His
 So I may live
 In the shelter of
 His wings
 This fountain
 Roaring, ignoring
 satan’s hatred
 he will not win
 Soon will be his end
 This you will see
 If you believe
 In His Son
 His death on a cross
 Was not our loss
 But a victory
 In His loving hand
 I live
 Already in
 His Promised Land!! 

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