Don’t Sell Yourself So Cheaply

Do Not Sell Yourself So Cheaply

Why do we sell ourselves
So cheaply?
Do not give away yourself
So quickly.

You are an eternal soul
Worth so much more than gold
Never meant to be sold
As slaves

To this earth
And its selfish,
Physical ways
So for awhile just stay
And listen

I say we are the only ones
Ever created in God’s own image
Fleshly though, we are
His daughters, His sons

Meant to carry His face
His goodness to trace
To all of His creation
Reflect His presence,
Glory and grace

So let us get about
The job we have been given
So it may be said
With nobility we have striven
And with a grand shout
Letting go all our doubts
Rise, transcend to 
His Majesty’s infinity!! 

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