New Eden

New Eden

With a trumpet’s blast
Angelic wings will beat
To agitate, despoil the air 
Their voices shout
It will come about
With lightning’s speed

This new Eden 
Glorious, magnificent
Will descend
The old order will 
Completely end
New heavens, new earth,
A new Jerusalem

My feet will trod
Upon a newborn sod
New city with streets
Of fine-spun gold
No more will man
To sin be sold
On street corners so cheaply

Everything seen now
Is only shadow, temporary
Out of necessity

All man’s creations
Will be done away with
So God’s New Earth, 
New Heavens 
At last may begin

Joy, peace, love
Of these things 
There will be no end
Eternal God will reign

Death, tears, pain
Will all be gone
Praise to God, Christ
Will be forever’s song

So do not miss 
Reunion with
Your Creator
Do not deny 
His Touch,
His infinity’s kiss
Take His hand now
So you and I may stay,
Live in Glory’s new day,
Together, Forever!!

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