Standing at insanity
On the edge of a cliff
What is the cost,
Purpose of this life?

Look down upon this world
Full of pain, chaos, strife
Surely, never were our lives
Meant to taste like this

Our home,
Giant, round, glistening
In deepest, blackness of
Empty space
Listen to the winds of
This universe
As they pass us by
Singing out a name
Let there be no waste
Of its melody

Listen, then give it 
A voice, shout
If you have to
This Power
This Being
The stars, winds sing of
Holds out two hands

In one, life
In the other, death
There is no dearth
Of ones that choose
To live in darkness
Upon the face
Of this earth

So, listen, be obedient
Means to pay attention to
Stand out from the crowd
Don’t be afraid to say
His name
If need be, say it out loud

He is coming back
This living, breathing Christ 
Gives us a choice
So, listen, do not fear
He is always, always close, near
And to Him 
You are the most dear
Of all His wonderful creation!

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