Our Job

Our Job

If we people who say
We believe Jesus Christ
is Lord, Savior & God
We truly, truly believe
He is truth, life & the way
Then isn’t it our daily job
To say so

Out loud
Not just in a church building
Where we feel safe
But out in a dangerous world
Where we could face
Ridicule, embarrassment 
Maybe even death

Or perhaps alone to be left
With no one, rejected, 
Unloved, a most severe test
Of our loyalty
But this is what He said
To do
If each soul down here is
To have a chance to be

We are to be His hands, feet
Face & voice
His Messengers
This can be a most difficult
For anyone, a sacrifice to make
This suffering we must take
If we truly, truly love Him

For without a sacrifice, there is no love!
So do not tell Jesus you love Him if
You are unwilling to sacrifice to stay loyal to Him

If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father! Matthew 10:33

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