True Beauty?

True Beauty?

All we have of any beauty so true,
Dear God,
Is always & only the great I AM
Of You
All of us, so corrupted
Our own lives we keep interrupting
With sin so calloused

Our wandering selfishness
Our greatest test
As much as we can 
We need to let go
Swim back into the natural flow
Of Yourself, Your Love

Overwhelming comes Your Glow
Like the greatest of floods
Showing in the things you’ve made
In this even nature has much to say
Froom sparkling stars in the sky
To the translucent ethereal
Wings of a fluttering butterfly

The great beauty of your heart
Before you even attempted a world to start
Was what goaded you forward
Until at last we stood before you
Your shining, newly-born human child

A whole universe awash with your love
Flying, soaring thru heavenly gates above
Carried down on gentlest wings of doves
To the crusty hardened dust of this earth
Until upon it at last
Fell the blood of Your Only Son 
Forever bringing to us a cherished new birth!

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