Glory, soft, gentle
Radiant on a face
Purity once encased
In flesh

Extends a hand
An invitation
Never forced.

Become one with
The eternal
Lifting he sighs
Longing to give

Show, eternity
Inscribed upon
His face, Holy
Joy, all life

Beaming from a
Head enveloped
Within a crown
Of radiant pure glory.

Light dances,
Rainbow’s colors
Revolve around
His Head of grace

Wanting, desiring
To give more than
Imagination can speak
Of Himself

Spirit of all life, joy
Contentment, fulfillment
Love, peace beyond
The scope of a cruel

world’s grasp, deluded
blinded by an evil one
ancient enemy of life
cruel and destructive

Take the offered hand
Receive the gift
Written in blood but
Yet still offered

Life, eternity awaits
All are welcome
No restraints, barriers
Join the dance

Joy, bliss, ecstasy
At the foot of a
Throne of forgiveness
And His radiant face.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday. Praise God!!


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