Revolutionary’s Sounds

 Revolutionary’s Sounds
 Whirling, twirling
 Swept up into the air
 Revolutionary sounds
 Were everywhere,
 all around
 Ignored they were
 But they were heaven’s cure
 For what was wrong
 Within the songs
 Of man
 For all our evil,
 Corruption unbound,
 Still they refused to see
 What God had pleased
 To send them
 So only a few listened
 To the man on the cross
 Ignoring from his lips
 The purest, shining gloss
 Of a revolution’s sounds
 Bringing words of 
 Great worth
 Love, joy, peace
 To His earth
 Heaven’s purest, pearls
 Our souls He did seek
 And so Christ did die
 On the very rocky ground
 He had created 
 Our God, 
 Alone and bound
 But still left behind
 For those who choose
 The fiery, purest joy of
 His Revolutionary’s Sounds!! 





I can hear your


Echoing through time

Will they ever,

Can I follow,

Align with mine?

I can feel the ground


As you run from one

To another, saving,

making us all brothers

Ground shakes,

Stars sing

Angels speak

What more can be done

Already which is done?

Still you go on stepping

One foot in heaven

The other is on earth

Running, sometimes walking

Changing times, people

Hearts, glory on display

As We’re all waiting, watching for


Into a world that only

Sings your name

So each step has not

Been for nothing

Lives rebuilt, spirits saved

Love rekindled in the light

Of Christ’s glorious new day!



I cannot stop

This joy divine

Transcending all space

And time

As I wait at the bottom step

Of a shining throne

My heart has leapt

More than once

To watch you move


I sigh, waiting for

Your hand

To lift me to something

more grand

Than I can imagine or wish

I wait for your

Eternal kiss


Sighing, longing

In unexpected joy I wait

For surely, they swing wide

Your heaven’s gates

Each and everyone

May step through

Ushered in by

The ecstatic love & blood

of your glorious Son!

Romans 8:25 Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not

yet have, we wait for it patiently.






I only think

What a strange twist

For life to end like this

Created in glory

Meant to walk upright

Man’s life will end

Within your might

Glory & light

Of a face so resplendent

I cannot think

Only bow to my knee

As I see

Perfection on display

Come to save



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Voices crying out

From every street corner

Vying for attention

Willing to grab, garner

In any way, your eyes


Which leads to

The heart

The inner you, do not

Let the world

Of you have

That part


These voices,

Indiscriminately cry out

Led by the great deceiver

Ceaselessly they shout



TV, magazines, airwaves

The Internet

The world in chaos

Do not give in, let

Them have your



Deluded by the greatest

Destroyer of all life

Father of all lies,


Do not give them or him

your time


The World & its Media

Walk with blinders

Put on by one more

Clever than man

This Satan,

Do not let him have

Your hand


Do not be led

By his cruel heart

Instead give


That precious part

Of you

Which shall never die

Your spirit,

Created to be

Like the light

Meant to live in, see

God’s eternal glory!

Praise God!!!