One Holy God!

This ONE Holy God

God Himself decided
Creator of this Unending Universe
Knowing ahead the pain
To come to live on earth
Traveled through the 
Darkened mists
To bring to His man’s story
A new and better twist

This our Prince of Peace
Came to love and save
From the rich, the powerful
To the least of the least
Of the least
By walking out of an empty grave!

We should celebrate that long-ago night
When all of Heaven’s glorious light
Came to live, to rest 
Within a fragile, human shell
So all of Heaven’s angelic choirs could
Loudly sing & tell
Of Our God’s unending love for us!



Those spiritual hacks
Can catch you
Will stab you in the back
So be most careful

Coming from a place of darkness
Bringing only strife, extreme pain
Arising from a satan’s fury
Coming sometimes in ones
Or often groups, in a great flurry
By winds of evil sent
To destroy, maim, 
Their only intent

A power stronger
More intense
Can dissolve, destroy
Within only one word
A Holy Name
Always it is one
The same

Demons have no strength
By God’s Holy Hands
Will be forever rent
None of hell’s dark things
Will ever overcome
As saints stand & out loud sing
His Name
His Praise
In this,
His Forever Of Days!

In Love with Jesus?

In Love?

In love with Jesus
Is that what I’m
Supposed to be?
New idea at times
Something worth the try?
Perhaps of this should I see

Infatuated, Adoring
Up in my heart should 
I be storing
For someone such as Him
These feelings will He win
From within me?

The answer to all these questions
Should be
A loud resounding yes
For to love someone else
You must let go of self
Which is assuredly for most 
A very difficult test

But that is what we’re
Called to be
I think I’ll try it
More just to see
What results can possibly come
From making an attempt to
Follow God’s Only Living Son

Forward, onward
I will go
At times not at all to know
Exactly how to walk
Or talk like Him
My goodness, patience
At times will wear incredibly thin
But hoping more & more 
As on I go His ways to win

So myself I need to remind
More than just one time
With these simple words
‘Not I but Christ that liveth in me’
Hoping, praying someday
A new better version of myself
Will this world finally be able to see!!

Another Level

There is another level to existence
Unseen but not entirely unknown
Ever since we humans walked 
Upon this spinning planet so green
lived under its sun, breathed in its air, 
Of other beings were we fully aware
this other side was completely seen

Until we rebelled against its Leader
The One completely in charge
Ran everything, owned everything,
Loved everything & everyone
Decided to be our own Leader
Replaced God with man
Pushed Him aside to follow a deceiver
And the self’s desires

A schism, a chasm was created
Across which we cannot go
Now we turn our backs, harden the heart
To the things we should strive to know
Build webs of cables, darkened lies
Given by someone who only strives
To bring about our destruction 

Entangled in this deceit, 
We now ignore what we once knew
We encase our hearts in stone
Refusing to see the reality of You
The Owner, Creator, Lord & Master
(gave His life on our cruel cross)
Of this beautifully created Universe!

Colors of Christmas

Colors of Christmas

Red and Green are 
Everywhere seen
For Christmas
Was there a reason for these
Surely there must be
Or so it seems to me

Red in the berries
For the blood that Christ shed
On a cruel cross
As Mary’s body was in pain at your birth
Her heart’s pain at your death most
Assuredly must have been worse

Green for the life that Jesus
Gives freely everywhere
For our souls like plants may rise
Upward to live in His purest of airs

So maybe there was a reason
For the colors of this joyous season
May you come to know the miracle and wonder
As God’s love and mercy ripped asunder
Death’s power over us all forever
Through the birth of Jesus, 
His One and Only Most Glorious Son!

Revolutionary’s Sounds

 Revolutionary’s Sounds
 Whirling, twirling
 Swept up into the air
 Revolutionary sounds
 Were everywhere,
 all around
 Ignored they were
 But they were heaven’s cure
 For what was wrong
 Within the songs
 Of man
 For all our evil,
 Corruption unbound,
 Still they refused to see
 What God had pleased
 To send them
 So only a few listened
 To the man on the cross
 Ignoring from his lips
 The purest, shining gloss
 Of a revolution’s sounds
 Bringing words of 
 Great worth
 Love, joy, peace
 To His earth
 Heaven’s purest, pearls
 Our souls He did seek
 And so Christ did die
 On the very rocky ground
 He had created 
 Our God, 
 Alone and bound
 But still left behind
 For those who choose
 The fiery, purest joy of
 His Revolutionary’s Sounds!!