For the Broken-Hearted


For all the Broken Hearted

In the blackest
Hole of pain
Sometimes the only claim
I had was the
Glory surrounding His Name

Born an orphan child
Spit out into the wild
Chaos of a world
Lost, gone mad

Hot breath of Satan
In my face
Unfortunately, this was
My only place, this disgrace
I was forced to swallow

But do not despair
For me
For Christ came
Shook my world
Broke those old chains
Of desolation

So, for us
You and I
There is Hope
Do not retreat
I will tell
Try to speak
This prayer,
His perfect Love
Over You




Listen, in the air
Angel wings move
Winds roar
To their rhythm

Wait, Wait
Not yet time
But it will be
Change is in the air

Heavens will roar
Earth melts from
The fire
In your breath

For now your
Is all we know of
Your salvation

Do not harden
Your hearts
As other did in
The past

Angels await to
Do His bidding
Held back for now
Only by His love


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Held between
Your face and
dark demons
I wait
My only release
the joy on Your Face.

And so, others they come,
Only a trickle through time
But still they come
And I wait
By your side
Hoping this tide
Will turn and more will

My enabler, empowered
Master, God and Noble King,
Waiting for Others to follow
And to come.
I know,
But still this waiting chafes against
My skin.

The S Word



We hear a lot today about Relative Morality. The goodness or badness of your behavior is only relative to what you think or feel it should be. There is no longer for a lot of people a universal morality—no general idea of good or evil. So therefore, could we conclude that people are all okay no matter how they act?

In our culture in the U.S., one of the S words, sin, has just about been taken out of existence, sadly, even in a lot of our churches. Some churches just say God loves you and wants to bless you which is true. But they forget He is a god of justice and is also our truest judge. This world belongs to Him.

1 John 8 says If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. Later in verse 10 is stated

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Silken Robes


Silken Robes II

Silken Robes
Dipped in blood
Blowing in eternity’s
Faithful winds
Passing through
This present today
As I sit entrapped
Within my space and time

Soft & smooth
Blowing across my face
Sent to caress
Dipped in a blood-red grace
Meant to end forever
My shame and disgrace.

Heaven’s gracious light
Pouring over the world
Coursing in the fluid of His life
Cleansing man’s darkest stains
Uncaring how steep the price
& thinking only of our gain.

So, with scarlet red drops
dripping everywhere
Christ gathers us back
Into Heaven’s rarest of airs
Bringing each together
Back to love’s warm embrace
found uniquely and only
Within the Glory and Grace
Glowing forth from the face
Of our Heaven’s Faithful Father.


Silken Robes

Silken Robes
Dipped in blood
Blowing in eternity’s
Perpetual, faithful winds
Passing by
Flowing through
The present today
I sit entrapped
Within my space and time

Always moving
Searching, never still
Gathering, finding
In your Today
Won’t you please listen.

Touch His robe
And see
A different way to
Live and be
New life on display
Giving always of
This, His Eternal Today

Do not wait
Our Today will not
Always be
Chances come
And then they go
Do not miss
Your moment’s chance
To see and be
Your small part
Of Christ’s always heavenly glow

Lost Leaves




Lost Leaves

Lost leaves
Loose, blown around
By swirling,
changing winds
Looking for an anchor
to the ground

Falling victims
To anyone who
Kicks a foot their way
Shuffles through
Their midst
Helpless, they give sway

No one dares or cares
To stop their helplessness
Bothers to come by
Hear their weary sighs
Or give to them a much
Long-needed rest

Until one day, a Prince
Arrives, sees their
Plight lying at his feet
Bothers to bend
notice, selects a few
With a hand does reach

Gathers to himself
Only a few
Loving, seeing
Wanting to renew
A world and them
To Begin their life anew

He sighs, they dance
Upon his living breath
Laughing in joy
They swirl, return
To ground and lift
The others up from death
Found from lying
Down below
On a ground so cold
And lifeless
An enemy has left in
Dark confusion and a guess

But now, they
And have been shown
A better place and
Forever home
Within a Prince’s holy glow

He will save you too
A new life give to you
In Holy glory He
Truly eternally lives
Burning Bright radiance,
Fiery love upon His face

A forever home
He will be
for all lost leaves
Lying on wet cold ground
And still not found
In Joy He weeps
To think at last
He’ll be able to keep
Them home and
Safe within His Grace


Easter Sonrise!



New life,
Spring’s eternal promise
Strives to not ever
Leave us
Having only just to guess.

After a cold sleep
And winter’s death
Sweet Spring always brings
Earth’s bright regeneration
Our Hopes it never shuns.

Miniature blades of new grass,
Erupt from underneath
A hardened earth’s brown crust
In delicate tendrils, their fresh
Green beauty they each to all bequeath

Struggling, bursting through
Dark, tight skins of bark,
each trembling newborn leaf
sings of a perfect life renewed
as tree limbs reach to heaven.

New Babes come forth
On land, sky and the sea
Joy vibrating in sky’s air
Showing a Creator’s Power
To cause each new life to be.

I do not think
(I may be wrong)
No chance seems it to me
That Earth’s spring brings
each a new life within
a freshly resurrected King!

His frail dead body
Hanging on a lifeless tree
In shame and
ignorance of man
shows God’s always
most Immaculate of Plans.

Eternity on display
Upon a cross
Sent to cleanse
Destroy forever
Each soul’s darkest dross.

It cannot be by
a Mere Coincidence
That within each Earth’s Spring,
Fair Easter brings a Christ’s new life
Fulfilling our deepest need.

Thus through His death
we all receive
a heaven’s eternal life.
Is this not man’s most
Heartfelt song,
a bright Rebirth,
an end at last so final
to this decay of earth
in dark and woeful strife?

May you have a very blessed Easter. May the presence and love of Christ cover your day. Praise God!!





A simple plan
Twas always meant to be
Not coming from earth’s man
Involved land, sky & sea

A universe restricted
Only by power’s hands
Inspired by divinity’s
Heaven and its love of man

Twill be again someday
A brave new world
With clear, fresh eyes we’ll see
That always this was meant to be

Re-perfected, re-created
Brought back to original glory
Within a Holy Book
Is openly declared this story

Pray, do not miss
Your one and only chance
To live in unbelievable glory
Do not miss even a tiniest glance

A new Heaven and
A completely new Earth
Way of life unknown since
Its first original birth

No more darkness
No more sin, death or pain
All in love is given
Purely for man’s eternal gain

In love He reaches
With fingers so gentle
To lead and persuade
To live within His Love’s cascades

Pouring, showering
Us each day
His profound love
Even as He laid

His life out on a cross
He did it for His world
All within so blind and lost
Within a tomb was laid His pearl

Until it burst forth
From underneath cold death
Willing now to give rebirth
to all souls who ever walked this earth

Each, animal, plant and man
Will be rebirthed to a new life
Lead by the gentlest of hands
All and each removed from any strife

Unbelievable beauty
Unsurpassed joy
Both beyond my mere words to say
will fill for all and forever
each gloriously bright and newest day!

Rare Sighting


I got so lucky this morning. I was on our greenway system again on my bicycle. As I started, I saw this huge bird at the top of a tree and thought it was a great blue heron which we commonly see along the river. However, it was black. As it turned its head, I could see the solid white head and knew then it was an American Eagle. It was beautiful and huge. As I rode underneath its tree, it flew off down the river, but oh, what a sight to see a huge magnificent bird like that out in the wild. They do not come into our part of the state that often.

I rode today the longest I ever have since I have started to recover from the cancer treatments. I made almost a twelve mile trip in total. I just do not understand why people come to walk a nature trail such as our greenway system and stay so glued to their cellphones that they don’t see anything but their phone screen. Some people keep the music in their earbuds turned up so high they miss all the animal sounds such as duck, geese and the herons. They miss all the beauty of the trail. Oh well, not my problem. I hope you have a blessed day and Praise God!!