3 Somebodies!


 3 Somebodies
 Three on a throne
 Living as one
 Universe awash in
 Their love
 Throbbing, pulsating
 In beauty
 Breathing as one
 More life-giving
 Than any sun
 A Father, Son &
 Holy Spirit
 Above this world
 They reach to lift, 
 This is their unique gift
 For each of us
 So we are blessed
 During the tests
 Of these our lives
 To be not loved 
 By just one
 3 hands reach down
 toward the violent sounds
 of our discord and ugly abuse
 of each other
 3 somebodies
 To conquer this world
 Help us transcend
 Into their joy & a
 Love which never 
 Ever ends!!

I pray everyone can have a very God blessed day today. Praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You are completely and 100% loved.

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