Parallel Universes

 Parallel Universes
 I’ve heard the words used
 Parallel universes
 From several books
 Those words are torn,
 If you please
 Also in theories of those
 Who do not like to be told
 Of a living God
 only one single universe,
 In old science fiction
 If you care to look
 Words like the above
 Are used
 Into this you are welcome
 To peruse
 In another ancient book
 Words are used
 If the truth you wish 
 to persue
 It speaks of this life we see
 Of this for yourself
 You may read
 A Bible, ancient &
 Tells Gods story
 Of creation from
 Of all of this
 Which surrounds us
 But it also speaks
 Of what we cannot see
 With just physical eyes
 It speaks of spirits
 Good and bad
 & choices to be had
 By us
 Of angels, demons
  A destructive satan
 A loving Savior
 A Holy God of 
 Of Heaven & hell
 In its words it does tell
 Of these parallels
 Unseen but not unfelt
 In your heart,
 I think most of us know
 It exists
 Draw closer to God and
 He will draw closer to you
 This is the truth 
 He wants you to know
 For certain
 He wants to open 
 The curtain
 Between the two
 For us these two levels of
 Are the very substance
 We are made of
 Both physical and
 Existing in both
 We are clearly told
 As a hand fits 
 Into a glove
 The spiritual above
 dwells within our
 Physical below
 More & more
 You will become aware
 As You let God indwell
 Your core essence,
 Your very Soul!
  So take a look around
 It will astound
 And should remind
 Of how frail this
 Physical is  


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