First True Renaissance (Recreation)

 First True Renaissance
 After a dark period
 It is told in books
 There was a Renaissance,
 a Recreation,
 Of culture, societies
 Even of Religion
 But I will argue
 It had already occurred
 At an earlier date
 before those books’ words
 Told of it.  On a cross 
 in a small back country,
 An explosion 
 Unseen but felt
 After one 
 insignificant carpenter
 Was crucified 
 Because he testified
 To a new way of life
 Born in blood, 
 sweat & tears
 Why? satan has no peer
 For evil destruction
 His desperation 
 Was showing
 A new world,
 New way of living
 Was ushered in
 For all who would choose
 Their life to lose
 Inside of His
 Built upon a 
 Foundation of the old
 Refined, purified
 Like the rarest of golds
 For the sake of man
 He took our hand
 And led us to 
 His cross
 Meant for all
 Not just a few
 A new earth order
 If you choose
 Of faith, belief
 So on that Day
 And in that way
 His new earth kingdom 
 Change has 
 Time for it 
 To spread
 To all places
 For the good
 Of all faces
 Death defeated
 satan exposed
 for the liar he is
 time for the world
 to know
 it can change,
 Christ says so! 
 Do not have to wait
 For a distant heaven
 New kingdom life
 Is now for the taking
 Now is the time
 for the slaking
 Of our undiminished
 Need for God
 For every man,
 Woman, child
 To take us out of our wild
 Unruly state he found in us
 Return to us His paradise for all
 Please I beg of you,
 do not refuse
 His holy, righteous call! 

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