Revolutionary’s Sounds

 Revolutionary’s Sounds
 Whirling, twirling
 Swept up into the air
 Revolutionary sounds
 Were everywhere,
 all around
 Ignored they were
 But they were heaven’s cure
 For what was wrong
 Within the songs
 Of man
 For all our evil,
 Corruption unbound,
 Still they refused to see
 What God had pleased
 To send them
 So only a few listened
 To the man on the cross
 Ignoring from his lips
 The purest, shining gloss
 Of a revolution’s sounds
 Bringing words of 
 Great worth
 Love, joy, peace
 To His earth
 Heaven’s purest, pearls
 Our souls He did seek
 And so Christ did die
 On the very rocky ground
 He had created 
 Our God, 
 Alone and bound
 But still left behind
 For those who choose
 The fiery, purest joy of
 His Revolutionary’s Sounds!! 

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