One Star

One Star

One Star
Glistening amidst
A dark ocean awash
In navy blue
It was a night truly
With pure holiness imbued

Dare I speak of such
A precious light, 
This blazing star
Known by and followed
By three wisest men
From afar

To find a ruler foretold
In their sacred writings of old
So, in their wisdom 
They left behind everything
For just one glance
Of His Majesty, a newborn King!

To dirty, dusty Bethlehem
They went on that darkest night
And in a manger’s stall
They heard his first cries, bawls
Saw a mother reach to comfort
A tiny infant’s tears
Whose small hand would grow
Be nailed to a cross 
To banish all men’s fears
Of sin & death forever

Their privilege was to
Witness a royal birth
Of these two lights, 
One above,
The other,
Eternity’s Love
Flung down to save all
On God’s good earth!!

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