Love is a Someone

Love is a Someone

Not some ethereal
Idea floating
In darkest space
Or only a condition
Or nirvana, a state
You will achieve
If your life with
You decide to lace

Love is a 
This Holy, Glorious
Yaweh GOD
Known, written of
Taught, spoken of
From of old
Of Him it is said
Very often told,
HE is LOVE!!!

All Love,
Good things 
Flow down from
The Father of the
Heavenly lights
His Holy might
Holds this universe
& us

Without Him
There would be
No Love
Without Him 
Heaven would be just
Another empty space
Maybe like earth 
It would even taste!

So, look above
He waits to be found
He wants you to
Know this love
He is pouring down
Around us all
You just have to 
Heed the call
Open your heart 
A new life to win
Let your re-creation begin!!


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