Never Perfection

Never Perfection

I hem, I haw
I fuss, I stew
What is the matter
With me?
I pray upon my knees

Trying to follow 
All those righteous rules
But somehow cannot
Stick to what I have been
Taught in a Sunday’s School

Oh, woe is me
What can I do
Surely I will be lost
If all those cues
In that holy book
I cannot keep

So I seek
harder, harder
To be perfect
Then a teacher says
He knows your name
And for everyone 
It is the same

Christ knows 
On this side of the grave
You will never reach 
But can only head in His general

And He does the rest
On that cross He
Passed His final test
Fought & bought
At a terrible cost
Our victory
Over imperfection
So you could be found
& no longer lost
Within a satan’s hell!

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