The Supernatural
It should be called
The natural
Everything else is the 
Below natural

It is real
Exists side by side
With the physical
It consists of the 

Things, beings, unseen
With physical eyes
Living side by side
With all of us in
Our temporary shells

A Holy God, Father
His Son 
A Holy Spirit
Invisible to our eyes
But not unfelt
Within the walls
Those quivering halls
Of the human heart

Angels, demons, satan
Are real
Do not let your physicality
Be able to steal
Your spiritual abilities 
From you

Follow the light
Do not let satan
That roaring lion 
Devour you
With his violent anger,
Cruelty he will try to
Shower your life

So do not drown
In just the physical
Reach out for God
Let Him astound
With His Beauty, Love
Glory and Power

In this hour of human
Fragility we exist in
Before we depart 
This dirt
Raise your head, exert
Lift your spirit upward
Live in your true destiny
Heaven’s Supernatural Gates!

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