Upside Down or Right Side Up!

Upside Down or Right Side Up?

A world in chaos
Lacking a clear direction
Things, ideas, get tossed aside
Each day, let go
Doesn’t this show
A world in confusion
Upside down?

Where Up is Down
& Down is Up
Restless words 
Tossed about on 
Distressed waves 
Of anxious noise
Peace on some days
Seems almost unheard

But someone stands
On everyone’s heart
Longing to be allowed to impart
His Peace-filled Spirit 

Bring about a new day
Create within us a new way
To live
Trying Himself to give
To His world a new direction
Turn it Right Side Up
Where Up is truly Up
& Down is truly Down

So do not be afraid
To go against the grain
Of a lost, bewildered world
And for yourself & others gain
A better sense of how to live
Where confusion does not reign
Under this, His One Holy Name,
Christ Jesus!

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