What IS Courage?

What IS Courage

On a hill He created
With His hands
On a feckless day
& by the very clay
He had formed
Stripped bare,
He was crucified
That WAS courage

Left a golden throne
Of glory
To continue His story
Of calling us back home
Nevermore in
Satan’s darkness
To roam
That TOOK courage

On that crucial night
In history
For us, our destiny,
Was changed forever
Followers all 
They left their call
Abandoned him
To that hill
Standing still
That was NOT courage

But the story was
As He arose out of
An empty grave
They rejoiced on that day
To follow His name
Most of the 12 were martyred
Terrible painful deaths
Suffered so obedience
They could claim
That IS courage!

Today there is no difference
So in holy reverence
For one so holy & pure
Who came only to reassure
Of God’s love, mercy
Let us stand up
His name bless
Even if we have to suffer
Perhaps even death
That WILL BE our Courage!!

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