Jesus. . . Disney World?

Jesus or Disney World?

Disney World
That land of endless delights,
Thrills and joy!
Where nothing bad
Or sad ever happens
Your next adventure awaits
Between its hallowed gates

But wait
Don’t look too closely
You’ll see its flaws
Don’t take time
to stop or pause
They’re only whirling machines
Even though they
May glisten & gleam
It’s all a sham
A tall tale, a false dream

Wait for the real thing
To which to cling 
Jesus wants to give you
Something honest, rock solid,
So Beautiful
Mere words do not suffice
To describe the heights
Of His eternity's delights
Perfection’s Love, Contentment,
Joy, Peace, Glories that await 
Between His Majesty’s Golden Gates
Always & forever at His Right Hand

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