Never Going

Never Going 

Never is
A powerful word
As a circle
Always there
Like infinity’s 
Eternity’s face

Today I think
It is so sad
So very sad
Most people
Do not know 
The facts of life
That will make them
The most glad

The happiest 
For any creature
Living in this,
Most beloved 
Of God’s Creation,
Who & what you are.

And so they live
Not looking up
At their home
Instead, they roam
Missing the blessings
Falling out of an
Overflowing cup

Held in God’s
Gracious hand
Flowing with things
Meant only for 
His man
To bear his image
His likeness
As only we can

We, humans, are 
After all
Made of the 
Same eternal spirit
Have a powerful call
On each of our lives
To bond, relate
In intimacy with
His eternal face

Each of us,
On the face of this planet
Is an eternal living soul
Even after you desist,
No longer live
In this most frail,
Human shell

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