Today We Want

Today We Want

I want, you want 
We all want
Those words ring 
Truer than any other
We all need
& we all have wants

Even as Christians
We all want
Get to heaven
Live in God’s presence
For anyone there will be 
Nothing better

For although God’s
Forgiveness, Grace
Is given so freely
Still, it is not given
The cost was Christ’s
Blood & life
Given in extreme pain & strife

Grace is, was not then
Nor is now cheap
It may cost you everything
Maybe even your very life
Is it not worth that
To live in His forever light?

So do not let us,
Christians of today,
Let mans’ world over us
Hold its complete sway
And tell us we may live
However we wish
And still receive that 
Most precious of gifts
Because God does expect
That most costly of words, 

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